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Black Canyon Distillery Whiskey and Rita

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Welcome To

Black Canyon Distillery

At Black Canyon Distillery we take great care in every step of preparing our whiskey. Because we love making whiskey, we do our best to ensure that every step in the process, from selecting the corn for the mash to testing every run from the still, is performed correctly and accurately to produce this fine whiskey.

Distiller’s Update

Black Canyon Winter

Black Canyon Winter is a wonderful blend of Black Canyon Corn Whiskey infused with fresh cinnamon and maple. Winter will be sure to keep you warm during the cold months and keep you dreaming of that toasty fireside in the summer months.

Mayhem Creek Pepper-Infused Vodka is now available!  A powerful blend of fresh chili pepper taste and heat, Mayhem Creek is perfect for a refreshing Bloody Mary. Create your own signature drink with this distinctive spirit, or serve it as a shooter to your  heat-seeking friends!

Mayhem Creek label


Cocktail Recipes

Click HERE for delicious cocktail recipes made with Black Canyon spirits!

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