Black Canyon Distillery Whiskey and Rita

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Black Canyon Distillery

At Black Canyon Distillery we take great care in every step of preparing our whiskey. Because we love making whiskey, we do our best to ensure that every step in the process, from selecting the corn for the mash to testing every run from the still, is performed correctly and accurately to produce this fine whiskey.

Distiller’s Update

Join David Okay Patton, Shayne “The Wihz Kid” and Krissi Bex to converse about all things whiskey on KCKK Mile High Sports Radio (FM 94.1 or on line at http://milehighsports.com) on Wednesday, July 9th, starting at 10pm.

With Whiz Kid and Krissi

Krissi Bix, David Okay and Shayne the Whiz Kid at Mile High Sports Radio


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