Old Blue Bourbon

We’re thrilled to present Black Canyon Distillery’s newest legend

Old Blue Bourbon 

Old Blue is a straight bourbon sour-mash whiskey, mashed, fermented, distilled, and aged a minimum of two years at our distillery.

Since founding Black Canyon Distillery, Master Distiller Fred Lesnick’s goal was to create an amazing bourbon whiskey using locally grown corn.  Four years after opening the distillery, we were ready to craft a bourbon whiskey.  In July of 2014, Fred hammered in the bung on our first barrel; on July 31, 2016, we proudly released Barrel No. 1 at 110 proof.

Each bottle of Old Blue Bourbon is hand-crafted from start to finish -grain to glass- at Black Canyon Distillery.  We determine the proof at the time of bottling each single-barrel release,  so that each release best captures the variability and unique flavors of the white oak barrel it was aged in.

We chose the name Old Blue to honor a bit of western history this is largely forgotten: the once-famous Texas longhorn steer, Old Blue.  Susan Lesnick’s father, Ray Renfroe, sculpted Old Blue in 1974, of which only 20 were cast. In 1981 Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater purchased Old Blue no. 1 which he gave to Ronald Reagan as an inaugural gift for America’s 40th President.  The artist proof is on display at our distillery!

For the fascinating story of Charley Goodnight’s famous steer, we suggest this article published in Texas Co-op  Power Magazine: www.texascooppower.com/texas-stories/history/old-blue-top-hand-on-the-trail


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