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Our Spirits

Old Blue
Sour Mash Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Each bottle of Old Blue Bourbon is hand-crafted from start to finish -grain to glass- at Black Canyon Distillery.   Carefully fermented, meticulously distilled, then aged for two years in traditional 53 gallon charred white oak barrels.  We determine the proof at the time of bottling each single-barrel release,  so that each release best captures the variability and unique flavors of the white oak barrel it was aged in.



Black Canyon Corn Whiskey

Black Canyon is a 100 percent Colorado sour mash corn whiskey. It has a wonderful aroma with hints of vanilla and caramel, balanced with an earthy finish of oak. Bottled at 90 proof, this unique Colorado whiskey has earned accolades and fans wherever served.


Black Canyon WinterAward- GOLDPNG

Black Canyon Winter is a wonderful blend of Black Canyon Corn Whiskey infused with fresh cinnamon and maple. Winter will be sure to keep you warm during the cold months and keep you dreaming of that toasty fireside in the summer months. Gold Medal winner that 2015 Breckenridge Craft Spirits Festival!


Black Canyon Rita

Black Canyon Rita is a refreshing blend of fresh squeezed limes and oranges and fresh mint and our original Black Canyon Sour Mash Corn Whiskey. It contains no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.  Try Black Canyon Rita in the blender with a little ice or over the rocks with a salted rim at your next summer BBQ. And for the adventurous, add local fresh Colorado peaches, pears or any other fruit.



Mayhem Creek Pepper Vodka and Black Canyon Vodka

Mayhem Creek Pepper Vodka, made with fresh chili peppers, delivers all the taste and heat of fresh  jalapeno, Fresno, Serrano, and habanero  peppers.  Black Canyon Vodka is an exceptional crisp vodka, with a smooth, hint-of-sweetness finish. Both spirits are made from our double-distilled corn whiskey.




Black Canyon Black

Black Canyon Black infused Corn Whiskey. Made with our sour mash corn whiskey, an extra aging step results in a smokey, mellow whiskey the color of a high country midnight.




Coffee Couloir

Coffee Couloir is a liqueur rich in flavor. We start with our corn whiskey and add amazing cold press espresso made by Paul’s Coffee in Louisville, Colorado. We add some simple syrup made with corn sugar to bring this coffee liqueur to perfect sweetness.

Coffee Richardo’s Decaf Coffee Liqueur

Richardo’s Decaf Coffee Liqueur is a product we are producing and bottling for Richard England. This product as won World class awards and is available at Liquor stores and bars throughout Colorado, including our Distillery.

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