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Black Canyon Distillery

Our Story

Black Canyon Distiller and Founder, Fred

Fred Lesnick, founder of Black Canyon Distillery, has put his knowledge, skill, and good old American ingenuity to work in producing a beautifully balanced whiskey from fine Colorado grain and pure Rocky Mountain water. He discovered the art of combining tried and true recipes with a personal touch to make one-of-a-kind whiskeys, which have a rich golden color, along with hints of caramel and vanilla flavors extracted from new white oak.

While visiting his daughter, Jeannetta, in Hotchkiss, Colorado, Fred decided to take a ride over to the Black Canyon of the Gunnison. Well, the Black Canyon was so awe inspiring, a trait Fred wanted associated with his whiskey, that he decided to name his distillery after the Black Canyon! Fred is joined by his wife Susan, son Chris, and daughter Jeannetta in making Black Canyon Distillery another unique Colorado tradition.

At Black Canyon Distillery our mission is simple: Keep the good spirits of Colorado running, imaginations flowing, and the parties never-ending. Cheers!!!

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