Where To Get It






Black Canyon Distillery

Where to Get It

To book a Distillery Tour, call us at 720-204-1909



Black Canyon SpiritsĀ are available in liquor stores, restaurants and bars across Colorado!

Black Canyon Old Blue Bourbon Honey, Chocolates and Whiskey Rita are available only at the Distillery.

If your favorite store, restaurant or tavern doesn’t carry our product – please ask them to do so! You can also contact us (Contact Mark Birkin at (480) 818-2337, or Mark@wildcider.com), and we’ll be sure to call or visit with the owner.

Old Blue – Sour Mash Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Black Canyon Corn Whiskey, Mayhem Creek Pepper Vodka, Winter, Black Canyon Black, Black Canyon Vodka, our always-fresh Whiskey Rita and our new Coffee Couloir are always available at the distillery.

If you need help finding our products, send us an e-mail info@blackcanyondistillery.com – we’ll let you know when our products are available in your area.

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